The Breganze Doc area within which Cantina Col Dovigo cultivates its vineyards extends north of Vicenza, at the foot of the Asiago Plateau, nestled between the valleys of the rivers Brenta and Astico. The area of ​​Breganze - one of the first Italian areas to obtain a Registered Designation of Origin (DOC) as early as in 1968 - includes all or just part of the following towns: Bassano del Grappa, Breganze, Fara Vicentino, Marostica, Mason, Molvena, Montecchio Precalcino, Pianezze, Salcedo, Sandrigo, Sarcedo, Schiavon and Zugliano.The vines here are grown both on hilly terrain - which is characterized by a particular volcanic tuff-based morphology - and on plains, where the strength of the torrents has accumulated some layers of white gravel over the centuries. THE SOILThe area of Breganze Doc is a hilly territory along the foothills and whose northern side is sheltered by the Asiago Plateau. Over the centuries, the eruptions of ancient volcanoes as well as the impetus of torrents including the Chiavone Nero have contributed to create and shape the hill ridge on which the vines’ roots are currently lying. The soil has a shallow soft fertile layer over a thick basaltic rock plate which releases micro elements and minerals, which in turn are absorbed by the roots, giving special aromas and flavour and adding mineral contents to the grapes. THE MICROCLIMATEThe grapes grown in the area of Breganze benefit from a microclimate which is particularly suitable to enhance their organoleptic characteristics.The mild winters, characterized by abundant rainfall and at times also snow precipitations, are followed by sunny and yet cool springs and summers: in mid-evenings, a cool breeze coming from the Asiago Plateu keeps the temperatures always fresh. If combined with excellent sun exposure, the excellent temperature ranges between day and night are ideal for a perfect aromatic and phenolic ripeness of the grapes.

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